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Silver Thread Stables Training Fee Schedule

TRAINING FEES: Complete Training Program:  $375 per month
Training program fee includes customized diet, individual stall with daily turn-out, monthly hoof trimming (miniatures only), grooming, monthly worming, body clipping, conditioning, halter and/or driving training.


Show Day Fee:                      $50.00 per day per horse
Trailering Fee:                        $.45 per mile per horse (round trip)
Use of STS Show Harness:     $200.00 per horse per season
Use of STS Show Cart:          $150.00 per horse per season
Travel Expense Fee:
Travel expenses (lodging and food) will be allocated to each owner based upon number of horses shown.

Show fees include grooming, bathing, hoof trimming (miniatures only), feed, stall decorating, class preparation and presentation. Show entry fees, stall fees, bedding and drug fees are not included in fee schedule and are the responsibility of the owner of the horse.

•  All show fees, entry fees and stall fees shall be paid prior to the show.
•  Tack, blankets, blacksmith and veterinary care will be billed as incurred and will be payable upon receipt.
•  The National Show, Congress and shows in excess of four days will be billed on an individual basis.
•  All charges must be paid in full before horses may be removed from Silver Thread Stable.
•  Additions:


Finder’s Fee:               5% of total sale price
Foaling Fee:                $250.00
Boarding: (Includes daily turn-out but does not include training)
Gelding or Mare:        $125.00 per month
Mare with Foal:          $150.00 per month
Stallion:                     $150.00 per month

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